Transfer money from abroad to Russia

Send money quickly and safely using the KWIKPAY system from other countries at competitive rates.

Why to choose KWIKPAY

With the KWIKPAY app, you can transfer money all over the world.

KWIKPAY is a convenient and reliable way to send money to Russia. We strive to provide our customers with the most favorable conditions and tariffs.

Convenient way to transfer money

Cash transfer with 0% fee

Transfers with a favorable exchange rate

Wide transfer payment network

Отправить деньги в Россию по системе KWIKPAY

Send money to yourself or loved ones to Russia using the KWIKPAY system.

Our clients can send money to Russia quickly and safely!

To receive a transfer in Russia, indicate the KWIKPAY transfer code and the recipient’s details.

You can send a transfer at the offices of our partners.

Find out more about transfer sending points.

On the KWIKPAY website, you can


If you have not found the answer to your question, please contact support +7 (495) 198-55-55 or .
You can transfer money at one of our partner offices. You can learn more about the sending points on the page.
You can receive your transfer in cash at KWIKPAY transfer points. Receipt currency - RUB. You can find the addresses for receiving the transfer on our website.
The status of the transfer can be found on our website, fill in the “Transfer Control Number” field and click “Find out status”.
You can find out more about KWIKPAY transfers by calling: +7 (495) 198-55-55 (Moscow and Moscow Region, other countries) or 8 800 301-75-55 (for regions of the Russian Federation). You can also write to us at: